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Welcome to Naledi Foundry

Proudly presenting the largest black-owned foundry in South Africa

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Producing casted components for various industries


Quality manufacturing of world-class metal castings for global export

Delivering volume on demand.

Trust in our performance.

Unified workforce.

Delivering on time.

Delivering Quality and Reliability.

Trust in our workmanship.

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Casting the future today

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Welcome to Naledi Foundry

Delivering quality metal components to the global market.

Naledi Foundry Introduction

Naledi Foundry is one of the few large foundries in South Africa and was established in Benoni Industrial in 1947. The foundry was through the years very involved in the automotive sector where it was a major casting supplier of components to Toyota, General Motors, BMW, Nissan, Ford and VW.

During and after the financial crisis in 2008 the management at the time decided to diversify the foundry away from the automotive sector and many of the automotive components and products manufactured at the time was stopped or phased out.

In 2013 a consortium consisting of the IDC, Sibusiso Maphatiane and an Employees trust acquired the majority stake of Dorbyl Ltd, a listed entity who owned the foundry.

Immediately after delisting in July 2014 the shareholder initiated a extensive capital investment plan into the foundry as well as a corporate restructuring to separate the foundry from the rest of the Dorbyl group. The restructuring was completed in May 2016 and the capital investment program in May 2017.

Our Culture

Our staff are proud South Africans, working as a unit to increase volume production year-on-year for major export. We strive to deliver excellence and quality in every aspect of the foundry. Every individual relies on the other and trusts them to deliver as expected.
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Competency In Our Market

Our staff compliment exceeds 220 permanent, skilled staff members. The company holds over 60 continuous years of experience in producing Ferrous Metal namely Grey Iron and Spheroidal Graphite.

Mining Sector

We pay attention to details in the manufacturing of grinding media to ensure a high-performance, lower wear & abrasion rates ball.
Manufactured from quality high-chrome iron on state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment
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Automotive & Transport

Multiple quality products for automotive manufacturing. The company has supplied most of the automotive OEM’s including Toyota, Nissan and General Motors as first tier and second tier supplier
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Railway, Infrastructure & Rolling Stock

We supply high quality components to these sectors in the local and international markets such as Rotary Yorks, Couplers, Brake Shoes, Railclips, Rail Chairs and many more
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Valves and Other Products

At Naledi Foundry we deliver quality casted components through high-end manufacturing to various industries across the globe. We take pride in producing volume, on time and to specification
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Engineering capacity to manufacture components to specifications

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Research and Development

Development – Current Capability

  • – Expertise in CAD Design
  • – Reverse Engineering

Green Sand Process:

  • – Automated Horizontal Process with a mould size of 800x600x400
  • – Average of 90 moulds per hour capability
  • – Alkaline Phenolic Process
  • – Jobbing section for low volume parts
  • – From 50 kg up to 6 tons in weight

Technology and Facilities

Our modern manufacturing equipment is kept up to standard to ensure continuous volume production

Floor Moulding


Floor moulding process whereby we create unique cast moulds for all industries. Our staff are highly skilled at creating the perfect moulds during the research and development phase

Core Making Process


In house core making facility for both  Shell (Resin coated sand – Hot Box) and No Bake cores with a CB50 Omega Autocore Coreshooter Machine



– ABP OCC-100 10T Press Pour Furnace
– 2 x ABP IMF-7 10T M.F. Induction melting furnaces
– Prodapt® Melt Control System
– 2 x 12T Automatic charging cars

DISA Sand Mixer


– New 50tons per hour DISA sand mixer
– New 50tons per hour COVITEC sand cooler
– Coupled with Georg Fischer automated moulding line



Consists of a OCC 12ton ABP presspour furnace with automatic pouring control system which requires minimum monitoring and constantly provides high quality castings

Georg Fischer Automated Moulding Line


– Refurbishment of Georg Fischer moulding line
– Works together with DISA sand mixer
– Processes 100 to 120 Green Sand boxes per hour

Fettling Process


Our fettling processes ensure that any crude casting is turned into a quality component that meets all the standards required by the customer. We are able to efficiently remove all unwanted metal and byproducts



– 110 000m2 industrial site
– 220 employees
– 250tons per day melting capacity
– 2 production lines
-> Automated Georg Fisher Moulding line
-> Floor moulding (jobbing) line
– In-house design and development capability
– CNC machines and CMM measuring equipment

Fume Extractor


Nederman 60,000 Nm3/h fume extraction